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Cold-proof anti-channeling bin loading gate


Cold-proof anti-channeling bin loading gate

Purpose and characteristics

The FH Zm cold-proof loading gate mainly uses the heating layer between the coal bunker and the gate to play a cold-proof role, to prevent the material from freezing in the gate and causing the inability to unload. It is mainly applicable to severe cold areas such as Shanxi, Shaanxi, Xinjiang, Qinghai and Northeast China.
The FH Zm cold-proof loading gate can also adopt the automatic reset function. Because of its simple structure and non-kario, the loading speed is also widely used at the bulk material truck loading bin. The equipment will not "cross the warehouse" due to sudden power failure and rope breakage, thus avoiding the occurrence of material injury, vehicle burial and other major events. The cold-proof packaged brake door is not only applicable to the outward transportation and loading of coal mine and coal preparation plant products, but also applicable to the unloading of large coal mines, sand plants and other silos. Loading operation can also be realized under extremely low ambient temperature. It has the characteristics of stable and reliable operation and fast loading speed, which greatly improves the loading efficiency.

working principle

When the train is in place, start the pneumatic control valve to control the extension of the dustpan drive cylinder to make the dustpan material slide automatically; Start the pneumatic valve, control the gate drive cylinder to retract, open the sector gate, and quickly load the coal flow into the car through the inclined chute and skip. When it is nearly full, the sector gate can only be closed by 2/3 (can be adjusted as needed), reducing the gate opening, realizing slow loading and better controlling the loading effect. When the train is full, the gate drive cylinder is fully extended, the sector gate is fully closed, and the coal flow stops; The dustpan drive cylinder retracts and lifts the dustpan to the horizontal position.
When the fan door is loading, there is an emergency of sudden power failure, and the fan door can not be closed. At this time, the single-electric control two-position five-ventilation control reversing valve that controls the dustpan cylinder works, which can automatically lift the dustpan without manual operation, to avoid the occurrence of "warehouse running" accident. On the contrary, the dustpan can also be controlled to stop at any position, and when the power is cut off, the fan-shaped door will automatically close.



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